[RECHERCHE] Remplacement NG4 (Wip Com 3D) par NAC

It will not pass summer time :lol:
Hahaha yes i know that im in fact searching for a little different mounting system that ill most likely model later, i also edited your bezel a bit so it fits a little bit differently, ill share those stls most likely today.

You probably did it wrong, looking at the wrong place or your CAN2004 personalization settings have been zeroed during your tests (happened to me) - I should add some debug for this case.

What do you mean with can2004 settings? Is there an example config you could share with me for our car? Also how does one reconfigure the settings while on car and when we have the adapter installed?
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Bonjour à tous j'ai une 407 coupé, et après avoir vu tout ce chef d'œuvre et un gros boulot fait par @VLud j'aimerais savoir si je prends un smeg (9821908880) et que j'utilise votre code arduino si j'aurais tout les messages erreur du type défaut antipollution, si je peut adapter comme vous l'aviez fait une caméra 180° et si je peux utiliser le chargeur cd et amplificateur d'origine car j'ai le pack jbl d'origine merci

HI, today we make conversation from NG4 to NAC, whit my colegue, He make telecoding, selected configuration is peugeot. We have this problem, No sound from speekers, the car is Citroen C5 x7 whit Hifi system, Where we make faut? maybe telecoding is wrog,? Can help