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    Hello guys, sorry to ask in English! Very well, I have a 3008 Peugeot year 2018 with RCC with 180 camera, I bought on the ebay the NAC, well I need intall this NAC in my car! I did some test, I plugued the NAC on my car and the camera not appear when I put the reverse gear, show me only the sensors. My question is: Is possible to install this NAC in my car? Do I need a VIM for a vehicle with a camera where I found? or I can did only the automatic teleconding to solve this? I thank everyone who can answer!

    Thanks all
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    I think you must read the "Electronique Embarquée" section in this forum, and you will find some threads about migration from some telematics to NAC system

    @Phil_cofl , here too, I think a merge in the right section could be appreciated

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