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    3493CBBF-7CF7-4EF9-A37B-0FCC532849A0.jpeg Hello to everyone!
    Hopefuly dont mind for writing on English because i am from Croatia. Come here especialy because of member VLud and his knowledge.
    I bought like a year ago Peugeot 508 GTLine 2016, with SMEG+ which i am planning to upgrade on NAC and he has Polychromatic display.
    I tried to swap full matrix display from my 508 2011 allure but the display didnt show any informations of ADBlue on matrix display. Then i managed to order from Aliexpress Matrix display for 508, installed it in car, it show ADBlue but everything else is mixed up. For example on current speed reading section i have now added section for speedlimit roadsigns, which i dont have. In next section for Cruise control i have added now adaptive cruise control with distance control which obviosly my car dont have. On every section display shows car total kilometers driven, which is not case on old one. I tried to configure it in DiagBox 7.57 but everytime i tried to carry out configuratiom, it failed. I have possibity to change Vehicle Body Type, recall of memorised speed, stop and start function(which my car have but on display is missing), cruise control, oil gauge, vehicle speed limitation.
    So if anyone have solution for this i would be grateful especialy if @VLud notices this post. I want to make upgrade on NAC too so i would appreciate if it allows me to message me for more infos. Thank you all. Best regards from Croatia.

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