How to connect NAC outside the car.


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2 Juin 2020
I bought a second NAC and a display to play in the workshop. Unfortunately, I failed to connect it.
But from the beginning.
It has NAC Wave3 DAB and DGT7CFF display
According to the PINOUT schedule for NAC


PIN 11 - + 12V
PIN 22 - GND
PIN 10 - CAN High
PN 21 - CAN Low

For this you also need the Arduino + CAN Bus Shield and the @VLud Input




Everything connected, the compiled code, the console on COM12 turned on and, unfortunately, silence. When connected to power, the radio takes 180mA for one second.


I enter codes according to gihub and unfortunately silence ...

P.S. CAN Low resistor - tested with and without 120ohm.
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Second try.

I have a BSI with C4 Cactus 2018, what pins to connect to the BSI to start NAC and display?


2V NR - PIN 1&2 - +12V
16V GR - PIN 16 - GND
60V NR - PIN 26 - GND
16V VE - PIN 9 - +12V -> NAC
60V BE - PIN 29 PIN 27 - CAN H/L -> NAC

NAC - LVDS oryginal cable.

And nothing happend

I have the same issue. On the arduino-low speed bench scatche and connected:
Nac: 11 - 12v
22 - GND
10 - canH
21 - canL
Setup is not starting. If im using BSI and system (nac + display) is starting.

gND from power puply is not working

any idea what is wrong?

add gnd to pin 4 obd
just soldered works without issuenac_bench.jpg nac_bench1.jpg

nac bench kit sw maps
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add gnd to pin 4 obd
just soldered works without issueVoir la pièce jointe 33230 Voir la pièce jointe 33231

nac bench kit sw maps
Voir la pièce jointe 33232

Good morning, I have my test bench operating perfectly but I don't know how to get it out of energy economy mode without using diadbox, my bsi is delphi 2010ev, any idea how to get the bsi out of this way, I can't delete some bsi errors either because not having No module of the connected vehicle does not detect that the vehicle is stopped and does not let me delete them.
thanks for your help.

I have a issue with a NAC wave 4 power up outside the car. I connected the NAC to the 12V power supply and to the Arduino CAN shield (with a GND connection between power supply, Arduino and NAC). I have connected the screen display to the NAC trough LVDS cable.
Nothing happens when:
- I only apply 12V power supply on NAC (no display on the screen)
- all parts connected and "arduino-psa-diag-low-speed-bench" sketch used on Arduino ; there are continuously CAN frames on the bus (see the attachement ; it's the 3rd data lines) but no answer from NAC.
- I send ">764:664" and "1003" commands trough Arduino COM port, a command is send on CAN bus (see 4rd data on attachement) but no answers from NAC.

I begin to think that the NAC has a failure and doesn't boot.

Could you confirm me that by just powering the NAC with 12V and GND (no CAN bus active), the NAC starts and display information on screen ?



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