Intermittent problem with 1.6 HDi


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28 Juillet 2005
My apologies for not writing in French - I am still learning :)
The problem I am about to describe happened to me three times since I got the vehicle. All three times I was driving in the city, and at first I noticed substantial increase in the engine noise. I parked the car, and slowly pressed the gas pedal while the gearbox was in neutral, to examine the engine noise. The peak noise (sounded like a large truck) was around 1500 rpm, and between 1500 and 2000 the engine was running rough with stuttering. Beyond 2000 rpm seemed to run ok.
I also noticed the cooling ventilator was on all the time, although the engine temperature was around 80.

The best part of the story is that when I stop the engine, wait for 2 min and then restart - problem is gone!

The experts :lol: at the local Peugeot garage have no clue why this is happening and refuse to get their hands dirty because I cannot reproduce the problem when I bring the car to them.

Anybody with the same problem?

donc si j'ai tout compris, enfin au moins en partie, il dit qu'il a un bruit venant du moteur, genre "gros camion" qui apparait aux alentours des 1500 t/m, et que le ventilo de refroidissement tourne en continue, alors que le liquide est à 80°C. Quand il coupe le moteur et redémarre au bout de 2 mns, le problème a disparu. Du coup chez Peugeot ils lui disent qu'il ne peuvent rien faire, car ils n'ont jamais pu constater le bruit.
Est-ce déjà arrivé à l'un d'entre vous?

Sorry, but I can't help you. I never had this problem.

Nothing special to notice when they scan the system?

It sounds interesting but unfortunately I can help you that much. I will post tonight your question on the Dutch site as well, perhaps they know a solution. Or at least the cause.

Je crois que c'est dans sa signature !!

A bas oui !, là il faut que j'ouvre les yeux. :dodo:

The cooling ventilator turn when the FAP regenerate, perhaps that's the
noise which you hears.

Not sure, it seems like the problem does not occur anymore above 2000 rpm...... Or is it so that the FAP regeneration stops when the engine turns faster?

Thank you for the translation and responses.
The noise I am talking about is regular diesel engine sound, just three times louder! The ventilator is also audible, but this is a different sound.
I also know when my engine enters the FAP regeneration phase, but then the engine is quiet and only the vent is constantly running.

I just copy-pasted your question on the Dutch forum. Let's wait and see...... I have never heard about any similar "problem" before in the 407.

BTW, where are you from??