Unable to code reverse camera

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    I got a 2018 C4 Cactus and recently i tried to install the reverse camera. Using an official guide for a 308 for wiring, I did the wiring in the NAC unit accordingly and also i used these components:
    - RCA adapter from Aliexpress (connected to Pin 17 & 16 of the Module A)
    - Cheap ass camera from Aliexpress as well

    I did the coding with an Arduino and CanShield 2.0. Connection worked properly, i managed to change a bunch of cool stuff in it, but when it comes to camera nothing happens. I coded the 2105 like is shows here, and disabled everything in the 2106 zone.

    I put the car in reverse and nothing happens. I still get the old view:

    Also tried zone 2106 fully enabled and 2105 disabled, still nothing shows. Wasn't it supposed to show the camera view anyway? I have doubts that it might be that cheap camera, but i tried other ones with different transmission types as well and nothing shows on the screen. Any idea what might happen here?

    Other photos:

    Module was already prewired with some cables. Nothing came through them (measured them). Official guite said to remove them from here.



    And sorry for writing in english, i do not speak french at all and i don't want to use google translate in the worst way possible.
    Thank you!

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