P 307 autobox problem


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23 Juillet 2014

today i got problem with my auto-box as its stop change gear its feel like it stuck at 1 .. i changed it to manual mode also i cant pass it to 2 gear ..

all it happen after long travelling with the car and AC was on all the way the geo here is mostly mountains so i was claim up and go down . with average 50 km speed

i used manual change for couple time . after hour and half its start to stuck at the first gear and wont change and suddenly its changed and i feel like someone hit the car from the back. the temp sensor give me between 85-110 C

So i stopped the car and i eat something to make the car rest for bit because i think its over heated i mean the gearbox after 30 min all goes to normal and no problem happen

Note : no error comes in dashboard

i searched about this kind of problem in google and i found couple post says because the gearbox over heat and this is could be to low gearbox oil level also i found i should not change the oil of gearbox .

i need your help about my problem is this because of oil or gearbox ??

and if oil problem what oil i should use .."we don't have total oil we have castrol oil " my car is 307 1.6 petrol 2007 auto

also when i got the car i changed mostly every thing i can changed.. engine oil and filter. air fliter.. also i use something called here green water for radiator instead of regular water. nd level was checked its still the same

yesterday i asked a mechanical he says he can check on the car by lexia i think.. i asked him if he can update the software of gearbox nd engine he said there is nothing such that. its just kinda of adaptation. is that true or he know nothing because i keep reading over the web thats upgrade the engine nd gear box have much improvement..

sorry for posting in English i dont know french

please help me here